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Casual Business Meeting



Estamos constantemente alerta a los NUEVOS y repetidos Servicios, Productos, Orientación relevante para sus necesidades y deseos. 
Tengamos una oportunidad usando  nuestro botón "Ponte en contacto" para compartir tus deseos.

Boutique..for everyone

A great place...treasures of gifts. Opening 3/1/22. See you there

Concierge Service

PITP will attempt to locate difficult or trendy products and services for our members' needs or dreams.
Customer Service

Micro-Lending- Innovator

PITP will advise and assist to provide micro-lending to innovators and small business or cottage vendor start-up or expansion.
Social Distance

PITP Recommends List

A list of recommended various vendor's; vetted, checked and polled for efficiency, security, and pricing.
Office Scene
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